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Despite astounding technological advancements in the field of eyecare, results still depend upon the skill and competence of the delivering physician. When it comes to your eye care, you want only the very best and most experienced doctors. Here at Atlantis Eyecare, that’s just what our patients get. See for yourself what our patients have said about their experience with our top Huntington Beach eye doctors, because after all, it is the surest sign that you will like your own results.

Cataract Multifocal Lens Patients

Dear Dr. Sadri:

I just had to write this letter because I wanted you to know a few things. When my eye doctor told me that I had cataracts in both eyes and needed to have surgery to replace the lenses fear could have followed in my life.

I was referred to Atlantis Eyecare and you. The first time we met was a very pleasant experience and you told me that everything would be OK and set my mind at ease. You have played such an important part in my life – your removal of my cataracts and replacement of my lenses was done with great care and a very professional staff. I am thrilled by your expertise and talent has done for me!

I have never had so many compliments on how beautiful I look these days. I might add at an age soon to be 82.

I know I made the right choice in choosing the best lenses. I no longer wear glasses. I can see to read and I now can recognize my granddaughter playing soccer across the field.

Thank you so very much for the continuing monitoring and care. You have given me the most precious gift of wonderful eyesight to live with for the rest of my life,


Janice M.

I began using reading glasses when I was about 40. Then approximately eight years later, I got my first prescription glasses (bifocals, no less). Since I worked at a computer for 40 hours a week, I got REALLY tired of looking down my nose at the screen, and acquired prescription reading glasses (two pair, one for work, one for home).

I also tried the transitional (I think they were called solar lenses at that time), but really hated them. It took them too long to change when I went outside and then stayed too dark when I went back in. Ergo, prescription sunglasses. That was fun (not to mention quite expensive)! Sunglasses to work, change to bifocals, sit down and change to “computer glasses”, get up and change to bifocals, then go outside and put on the sunglasses. Over the years, I had a GIANT collection of glasses to give away!

Finally, after 25 years, my cataracts suddenly grew and I was sent to Atlantis Eye Care. Then, I finally got lucky! I was sent to Dr. Sadri for the surgery. He recommended crystal lenses, which I jumped at! The surgeries (one on each eye) were three weeks apart in March of 2010. Each time I went right back to work in two days. It was recommended to me to buy a pair of 1.25 reading glasses, which I did, never had to use, and have since given them away. My vision is AWESOME!!! I can read prescriptions and other tiny print with no problems.

So, needless to say, Dr. Sadri is my ultimate HERO!

Thank you Thank you Thank you Dr. Sadri!

Bonnie M.

Dear Dr. Logan:

I am writing this letter to you and your future prospective clients. I want to thank you for your miraculous gift of sight you have given me with the multi-focal lens implants, and cataract surgery. I now have the sight of a teenager again.

The surgery was absolutely painless, and my sight was restored to nearly 20/20 by day 2. Even though my eyes weren't totally healed yet, the difference was like night to day.

I am the happiest I have ever been, because I know I will never have to wear glasses again.

Since eye disease runs in my family (glaucoma and diabetes) my sight in my later years was very important to me.

Thank you Dr. Logan for answering my innermost prayer of continued sight.

Your patient always,
Carol A. V.

Dear Dr. Logan,

I am writing this letter to say a big thank you to you and your staff (without glasses). I cannot express the joy I feel now, I can read medicine bottles, street signs, books and my computer all without glasses. I feel younger and my husband loves the way I look now. I feel less vulnerable too.

You and your staff treated me above and beyond my expectations. They held my hand through their knowledge and smooth functioning at a new experience, everything was written and explained well. The nurses at the surgery center were also very kind giving me warm blankets before surgery as I was cold.

Thank you again for the life changing experience to you and your staff.

Jane M.

When my Mother was being seen at Atlantis Eyecare for her severe glaucoma, I decided to have Dr. Dwayne Logan as my eyecare specialist.

During my yearly eye exam, I saw the pamphlet regarding multi-focal implants. During the exam, I asked Dr. Logan if I would be a candidate for such surgery. Seeing that I had a cataract that needed surgery, I was indeed such a person. Each eye was implanted in two individual surgeries. The procedure was totally painless and I had perfect vision almost immediately. Everything was brighter and clear as a bell, and it only got better after that. Dr. Logan and his office staff were very helpful getting the right pre-surgical tests done expediciously. I have never been happier with the results I've experienced with his great surgical knowledge of the eye. My mother and myself both loved his practice and his sense of humor. We as a family have known him for nearly 20 years, and would only trust him for our most precious sense, our eyesight.

Carol V.

During my early teenage years through my twenties and thirties I was a very good athlete. This was because of my excellent hand-eye coordination.

My good eye sight contributed to my hand-eye coordination. I started wearing glasses my senior year of high school for reading. I begin wearing them full time when I discovered that I could hit a baseball better with my glasses on. I worked as an electronic technician and engineer requiring that I be able to see and read fine graduations on measuring scales to 1/100 of an inch. I need additional magnification to do this and started wearing bifocals. As the years past I needed more and more magnification to even read to 1/32 of an inch. One year ago Dr. Sadri implanted multi-focal lens in both of my eyes. I can now read my measuring scales to 1/64 of an inch. or ½ mm without any aid. With minimal magnification I can read even finer graduations.

Bob W.

I want to express to you how pleased I am with your care for me in the cataract surgery on my right eye. The results far exceed my expectations. My sight has been restored and that improves my enjoyment of my life. Thank you!

Elizabeth R.

Dr. Sadri,

Thank you for doing cataract surgery as well as eyelid surgery. You have a great bedside manner that is so refreshing from all other medical people (doctors) that I have encountered. You were kind courteous and efficient.

Gratefully yours,

Barbara Wagner

Dear Doctor Sadri,

I am writing this letter to let you know how pleased I am with the results of my lens implant surgery.

I elected the premium lens implant and the results are truly amazing. I have required corrective eyewear for most of my adult life. The surgery you performed has restored my vision to 20/20 and I no longer require glasses. I am able to read newspapers, label contents, etc with ease.

I am an avid golfer. Since the surgery, my handicap has dropped by three strokes. I credit that to my ability to read the greens and see the ball better.

Thank you, and your helpful staff, for correcting my vision problems and improving my quality of life.

Michael K. (PDF)

My overall experience with Atlantis Eye Group has been excellent.

There are not enough words to state how joyful I am with my improved vision. I had not realized how many modifications I had made in my life because of my poor vision. I had stopped reading for pleasure because I had difficulty with the print. Now I am back to reading at least a book a week. I no longer was attending functions at night because I had problems with night vision. Now I don’t have to be home before dark anymore. I can see all the wonderful colors the world has to offer. Thanks to all the staff at Atlantis Eye Group.

Vickey C.

I am very satisfied and happy I can see with my new premium eye. Dr. Logan is a great doctor and has much patience.

Socorro T.

Think I've died and gone to heaven each time I continue to reach for my glasses which went out with the garbage right away.

Ann B.

I would like to thank my doctor and the Huntington Beach staff for making my surgery process a smooth ride.

I have worn trifocal glasses since the 70′s and I am thrilled that I no longer have to wear glasses. Not having to depend on a magnified glass to read my crosswords and recipes has been life changing. Being able to see gorgeous colors and the beauty of the land has made me so much happier. I feel younger and excited to wake up every morning.

Margaret G.

I had cataract surgery on August 5 and 26 respectively - Dr. Sadri performed the surgeries – he was great – so caring and knowledgeable.

He made the surgery seem extremely easy and quick. Any apprehension I had was put to rest. My vision has improved greatly and am sure will continue to do so until fully healed. I am glad that he was my surgeon – he and his staff are tops

Fran G.

I want to express my sincere thanks for the wonderful job you did with my new implant.

My vision had become so bad I was using a magnifying lens to read. Now, I am able to read small print and see images that are far away much clearer. I can't tell you how happy I am and want to thank you.

Pat D.

Thank you for the wonderful job you did with the surgery on my eye.

It is a real blessing to be able to see. Now I can enjoy again one of my favorite pastimes – reading.

Joyce P.

I want to thank you for recommending the multifocal lens for the implant.

The result has been outstanding and the vision in my right eye is clear and focused at all distances. I would like to thank you, your staff, and surgical center for the excellent care I received during my procedure. I can't believe how fast the procedure and recovery time was. I heartily recommend you to anyone needing an exceptional eye surgeon.

Lynn B.

You are an excellent doctor and a caring person.

My experience with the multifocal lens implants has been great. I no longer need glasses and see as good or better than when I was in my 20′s. I highly recommend the procedure.

Norman D.

I came to the conclusion to get the new lens implants which can give me the best vision possible and I am so thankful I did, because I am now seeing like I did when I was 20.

I can not believe how bad my vision had become until I had the cataract surgery. I wake up everyday feeling so much clearer, and I've noticed (and my husband has noticed) tht my mood is so much more happier. I no longer have to worry about driving at night, or worry about glasses at all.

Anonymous from Ratemds.com

I have had to wear glasses and contacts for over 60 years. The last five years, before my surgery, were very difficult. I had a hard time reading numbers, not a good thing for a CPA.

After my surgery I now have 20/20 vision in both eyes. Not only did you eliminate my cataract problem but also my astigmatism. I have never had vision better than 20/50 with corrective glasses or contacts.

I now read, watch TV, drive, play golf and just enjoy the trees, grass, clouds and sun like never before.

Robert B.
CPA, Orange, CA

I am thankful that you carefully explained the benefits of the premium intraocular lenses to me.

Since they cost more, I would not have agreed to incur this additional cost, but I did so because I believed in you. I can truly say it was all worth it. My vision is not only very clear; it is 20/20 in both eyes. If also feels good to avoid the discomfort and inconvenience of prescription eyeglasses. Thank you.

Consuelo D.

Dr Logan, I want to thank you & all the staff that supported me before, during and after my cataract surgery.

I never imagined the results of surgery would be so successful and so soon after surgery! My eyes feel like teenagers' all over again!


Nola S.
Long Beach, CA

I want you to know how excited our family is over the outcome of daddy's cataract surgery you performed.

Harold has not been able to see for almost two years. I wish you could have seen the glow around him, when I picked him up from the surgery center. When I opened the door, he said I can see you. Daddy is so excited about everything he can see. It is like the world is new to him.

Harold C. Family
Seal Beach, CA

I can't express my appreciation deeply enough for the wonderful surgery you performed on my cataract on August 20th.

It is a pleasure to be able to see street signs and other items so vividly. Now, I cant wait to golf again and see the ball after hitting it down the fairway.

Again, thanks for your professional service.

Forest P.

I want to express my thanks to you and Atlantis Eyecare for the successful cataract surgery and the implants of the Multifocal IOL lens.

I am convinced that I made the right decision because my vision was deteriorating and I was afraid to drive at night. I am no longer afraid to drive at night.

Fidelina W.
Santa Ana, CA

My eyes are responding so fast to being able to see clearly that I find it hard to remember how foggy it used to be.

The operation itself seemed to happen quickly and you and your staff were very professional and made the whole experience a pleasant memory.

Bill O.
Huntington Beach, CA

After experiencing such an unbelievable result of the cataract surgery you performed on my eyes, I feel compelled to write to you and express my appreciation for your expertise, your comforting mannerism and complete interest in the after examinations.

I would have never believed that clarity of objects I had been looking at had diminished to such a degree until the cataracts were removed and I was able to see such beauty in the simple things such as the planes, skies, trees, and flowers.

Aubrey B.

I wish to thank you most profoundly for your professional and sensitive treatment of my eye problems during 2-years of our association. My sight now is excellent.

It is, thanks to you, the greatest gift I could possibly receive.

Betty B.
Westminster, CA

Thank you so much for all you have done in helping me to see clearly again. It is such a pleasure to be able to see without using contacts or glasses.

I not only appreciate Dr. Logan’s professional skill, but I am grateful to the office and nursing staff, and Glady’s in particular, for putting me at ease and preparing me for the procedure.

Thanks again for the gift of vision.

Marilyn A. (PDF)

What can I say, I passed my DMV eye test – No glasses.

I can drive now (no glasses) what a wonderful feeling to be free of glasses. It was hard to pass my eye test at the DMV with glasses. Dr. Sadri told me what I needed to see clear. Work on my computer without glasses, read no glasses. If you want to see like you did when you were young see Dr. Sadri. Just never dreamed of my eyes seeing like they do.

Thank you Dr. Sadri

Carolyn O.

Other Thank you's

Dear Ms. Pitcher;

Permission is granted to use our testimonial on print and internet media.

We have had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Logan and the team of Atlantis EyeCare for the past few months. Our son was born with cataracts in both eyes which we found was from family history and when it appeared his eyes were not going to improve in vision; our family doctor referred us to Atlantis EyeCare.

Dr. Logan’s office is very kid-friendly; Staff is wonderful-kind, concerned, and easy to work with. Dr. Logan is not only personable, but a leading expert in the field of pediatric ophthalmology and a cool guy (if memory serves, his children just went off to college!). Our son had been bounced around from one doctor to another prior to knowing Dr. Logan because we were not comfortable with the doctors we were referred to in the past, who not only were unfriendly but quite frankly didn’t know how to handle a young child as our son (he is 7 years old). Our first visit occurred a few months ago; Dr. Logan and his team, Lucy and Nicole did a thorough exam, and advised that our son was at a critical stage of his vision and if the cataracts were not removed he would have to wear very thick glasses as his vision would degrade. Surgery was recommended immediately.

Believe me; there is nothing scarier than watching your child being wheeled away to surgery and knowing someone is operating on his eyes…but knowing that someone was Dr. Logan and Atlantis EyeCare made it easier.

Our son’s eyes are now progressively getting better and he is very excited. His constant squinting that he had before the surgery that would make it hard for him to do homework and interact with other kids at school is now gone and his vision in my opinion has improved immensely thanks to Dr. Logan and the team at Atlantis EyeCare. Of course being a parent, I needed to check out Dr. Logan and Atlantis EyeCare and found nothing but admirable content online and many happy clients; none have had anything negative to say. They were all overwhelmingly positive; including some parents who were so pleased with their kids’ results that they were planning surgery themselves, that would count my wife and soon me with Dr. Logan and the team at Atlantis EyeCare. I highly, highly recommend him should your child need an ophthalmologist.

P.s. Now that my son has greater vision, his homework habits have improved and now I am the one with the visual handicap since now it seems he’s always beating me at video games that we play together. Unfair advantage!


Jorge & Angelica & Michelangelo Goulden (PDF)

Just wanted to write a note to say that I have and continue to receive the most excellent service from you.

You have outstanding people on your staff including Rose, and Veronica at the reception desk, Justin who continues to provide great service as a technician, assistant, Dr Mary Ma, O.D. who is an outstanding eye care provider, giving me the best professional eye care. I have been to a few eye care specialists over the years, but I am happy to be and will continue to be a patient here at Atlantis Eye care. My mother, Marta Tamasy is also a patient who is very happy with the care she has received here as well. Thank You I will highly recommend Atlantis Eye care to anyone I know

Richard T.

I am writing an additional letter to express my appreciation for the efficiency and productivity of your entire staff.

As a Business Consultant for many years, I am well aware of a well-run company with good management. While waiting to see Dr. Ahmad, it was quite clear, everyone in the front were doing a very efficient job and at the same time being helpful, caring and friendly.

Dr Ahmad's technician, Maria Ancheta is very capable, knowledgeable, experienced, kind and considerate. She does her job with care and concern.

I had the opportunity to have appointments in Huntington Beach, Bella Terra and the Long Beach office. Each of the offices I visited were all just as efficient and well managed.

In any Business, the employees are what make the company successful. JOB WELL DONE! BY ALL!

Jean Williams (PDF)

Name is Thomas Lansford, I was in an auto accident about 2 years ago which caused damaged to a nerve in one of my eyes.

As a result, it caused me to have double vision and headaches. I saw a doctor who told me that surgery was an option but may not work and I could end up worse than I am. He gave me glasses that didn’t help and in fact they made my headaches worse. So I sought a second opinion in which I was referred to Atlantis Eyecare, where I met Dr. Lydia Banuelos. Not only did she make me feel comfortable, but she also gave me hope. After careful consideration, Dr. Banuelos performed strabismus surgery on my eye. The very next day my double vision was almost completely gone and after awhile my headaches got much better. It has been 6 months since my surgery and I am very happy with the results so far. I would highly recommend Dr. Banuelos to anyone that needs a second opinion. I am so happy I didn’t settle with my first doctor’s recommendation.

Thomas L.

Dr. Salehi-Had was very informative on all my visits. He explained in detail on the procedure of the surgery. He was very positive on what he was going to do and what will happen after the surgery.

During the pre-op everyone was helpful and there must have been at least 4 people asking me the same questions, medical allergies, what eye is going to be operated on, what kind of surgery,etc. Everyone was very informative on what was happening. I was quite comfortable. The best part was I was only 3 miles from the facility. After the surgery I had zero pain, zero pressure on my eye. Dr. Salehi-Had said it will be blurry for several days, and it was. There was no discomfort at all, besides wearing that plastic patch over the eye. In one week I was back in the water surfing.

I want to thank Dr. Salehi-Had and staff and to you Vanessa for all the help you provided for me.

Michael Kakuuchi

Dr. Salehi is my hero.

He worked hard on my left eye (2 hours in surgery), he eased my fears and concerns, explained everything (a fabulous specialist). I told him how great he was, I hope you tell him too. I work in the medical field its different being a patient. But I was impressed with the help and care I received from Dr. Salehi and Rosa.

Johnny M.

I am a physician, intimately familiar with medical care. On cursory exam – A rating of all “5’s” may seem inaccurate. I want to stress that your office, your receptionist, and the doctor were all excellent and deserved FIVE’s genuinely!

I was pleased with the knowledge and experience demonstrated by Dr. Banuelos. While she gave me much “home work” to accomplish on the way to full recovery, I feel in a few months I will see clearly again.

Rev. David Noller

Everything was great. Tech, was very good and informative. Really liked the Dr (Dr. Sadri), felt very confident about being in his care.

Maryily K.

Came for 2nd opinion and I will definitely return. Really liked Dr. Sadri & I referred my mom.

Toni S.

ALL of your staff members are Super! Keep up the Super work you are all doing.

David F.

Dr. Bhandarkar is a great doctor!

Robert A.

To whom it may concern:

I came in for a scheduled eye-exam on June 18, 2011 for a 2:40 appointment. While I was checking in, I was told that I was not on the schedule to be seen that day. However, the receptionist at the front-desk was kind enough to accommodate me and contact the optometrist right away to notify her that there was an add-on patient (me).

The staff worked very quickly to accommodate me and were very efficient. Dr. Tran was extremely patient with the contact-lens fitting portion of the exam and answered all of my questions. Jennifer was very good in explaining the insurance coverage portion of my exam and what was covered and what needed to be paid out-of-pocket.

I appreciate the good service, especially on a Saturday afternoon. I didn’t feel like I was being rushed and I felt confident that everything was taken care of properly.

Thank you so much for your professionalism and courtesy; it was very much appreciated.

Lillian Bailey (PDF)

Thank you for allowing me to praise the good. Dr. Banuelos is fabulous. She is very professional, honest very knowledgeable in her field.

She impressed me so much I was disappointed when she informed me that she could not do my surgery. A month later I got a call after I talked to my other surgeon Dr. Salehi-Had & he told me that Dr. Banuelos will actually go ahead and do my surgery. I was so happy I was actually jumping. You see Dr. Banuelos made me feel comfortable, relaxed, I put all my trust and faith in her. She was excited to do my surgery because I was a challenge, that made me feel good and look at me now, I no longer see double, my eye looks normal. She made what I thought was impossible, possible. So I now have two heroes. Dr. Salehi-Had who gave me my sight.

Back to the left eye, what a challenge Dr. Salehi-Had had. Side effect of not seeing thru the left eye for 15 yrs was double vision which Dr. Banuelos fixed thru her expertise. Such talent these 2 doctors have. I am very proud to call them my doctors. Now I am waiting for surgery.

I see specialty doctors come and go. But the doctors at Atlantis Eyecare are fabulous – I was impressed and I will let everyone know. I am a retired registered nurse so I know the system – see a lot, know a lot, and I am proud and happy to have the best. Thanks again for allowing me to express my gratitude – people always take time to share when things go wrong. I want to share when things go well, good, right.

Johnny G.

To me Berry good! I like all of them. God Bless my doctor (Dr. Logan)

Naomi B.

The medical assistant who examined my eyes was extremely cordial and friendly.

S. Mangione

Dr. Salehi-Had was AWESOME! Everyone was very helpful, friendly, warm and professional.

Even though they were all very busy (due to staffing shortage), they kept their cool, explained everything and kept me informed, and handled everything admirably. They may have been under duress, but they didn’t show it or convey it! A wonderful, well-trained staff doing a WONDERFUL JOB! Your staff has good chemistry and great bedside manner! Kudos A+++++! Thank you!

Boris G.

Amazing surgical skills!

I had a work related accident where I almost lost my entire upper eyelid. The doctor explained all procedure elements before I underwent surgery and was deeply confident in his ability to make me look like new…he was not wrong. My eye and eyeball healed extremely fast and my scar is minimal. The doctor’s skills is unmatched! My eyelid was split vertically and horizontally. The vertical scar is gone and the horizontal scar is hidden in my eyelids natural crease. I am both humbled and amazed at the doctor’s skill, personality and dedication to his practice. Thank you so much.

Richard F.

Thank you to the entire office for making time to see me on short notice today.

Customer Service such as yours is often difficult to find these days. You have assisted me in fixing my detached retina in time to restore my sight. Words cannot thank you enough! Thanks and Happy New Year to All!

Christine W.

Great experience. Great doc; great bedside manor; very knowledgeable. Support staff was aces.


The technician was very courteous and helpful.

The doctor was very patient with me and explained the various options extremely well and precise.

Virender V.

The lady staff member/technician (I believe her name is Sandy) who performed my pre-op measurements for cataract surgery was extremely knowledgable, capable and competent.

She knew exactly what she was doing and how to do it, always with the pt’s comfort in mind. I was very impressed! I would recommend her/you without hesitation!

George B.

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