Cataract Surgery

3 million people in America have cataract surgery each year* and California residents account for a large percentage of those needing this procedure. Cataracts develop as early as age 40 gradually causing patients to have difficulty seeing clearly.

Cataracts occlude vision due to a clouding in the ocular lens of the eye. This occlusion causes blurred vision and interferes with daily activities such as reading and driving. Over time this condition will only worsen and can lead to blindness if left untreated. If you or a loved one has been affected by some of these characteristics, visit our optometrists, which are some of the best for cataract surgery orange county can lay claim to.

Choices for Cataract Treatment

Usually cataracts will be detected during regular eye exams. As the onset is very gradual, the degree of occlusion will be tracked by the eye doctor until it is necessary to perform surgery to restore normal vision. Modern developments in procedures and equipment have made cataract surgery precise, painless and 98% successful*. There will be very little recovery time needed, with most people back at their normal activities in two days or less.

An exciting development in treatment is a procedure called refractive lens exchange. This procedure restores vision to a very marked degree. The procedure involves removing the occluded natural lens and replacing it with an artificial intraocular lens. Many lenses are available with various corrective potential. Your Laguna Hills Atlantis Eyecare specialist will advise you on your options to help you regain the best sight possible.

Top Refractive Lens Surgeons

When people consider who to trust with their precious vision, we understand that the eye care specialist must have two things; extensive experience performing the procedure and current knowledge of the latest techniques. We specialize in refractive lens exchange and ensure that we continue the education process to be able to provide state-of-the-art surgery and obtain steller results. We also remain completely current on the latest lenses and other products available to ensure our patients receive matchless service from our dedicated Laguna Hills optometry.

The Cataract Removal Procedure

Cataract removal is considered to be one of the safest and most effective medical procedures performed in America. The microsurgery procedure creates a single, tiny 3 millimeter incision. An ultrasonic probe is used to remove the natural lens after opening the lens capsule. This minimally invasive technique then pulverizes the cataract and removes it through the incision.

Once the cataract is removed, the artificial intraocular lens may now be implanted. The intraocular lens is folded and inserted through a tube into the capsular bag where it unfolds thereby replacing the occluded lens. The physician may need to center the new lens. Once centered, the surgery is over. Stitches are usually unnecessary due to the minute size of the incision.

There are several lens options available. A monofocal lens will correct vision for one distance, for example, reading or distance. Medicare covers the cost of a monofocal lens, however a premium lens implant will incur additional fees. Premium lenses might reduce or eliminate the need for further corrective lenses. Your eye care physician will explain the features of each option as it relates to your vision and future expectations.

The duration of the typical cataract removal surgery is between 10 and 25 minutes. Recovery time is usually no more than a day or two, with most patients returning to normal activities the next day. The eye care specialists at Atlantis Eyecare in Laguna Hills will be happy to discuss cataract surgery with you and answer any questions you have concerning the procedure. If you decide that cataract surgery is right for you, you can be confident that you have joined thousands of others who have entrusted their sight with Altantis Eyecare.


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