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Over 100,000 Eye Care Procedures Performed

Advances in eye care science have provided many options for vision correction and disease management. There are many types of surgical and non-surgical procedures now available to vastly improve quality of life by improving or saving vision. Our doctors and surgeons are expert in each of these procedures including; comprehensive eye exams; vision correction such as LASIK; cataract surgery; refractive lens exchange and management of glaucoma and macular degeneration.

Our surgical team has performed over 100,000 successful eye care procedures, establishing its rank as among the best in the nation. Whether you need a routine eye exam, cataract surgery, LASIX vision correction, or degenerative disease management, Atlantis Eyecare of Laguna Hills will provide world class care that you can depend on.


It is estimated that cataracts affect more than twenty-million people in the United States. While some individuals experience them earlier than others, a large perecentage of all people will eventually develop cataracts, beginning as early as the age of forty. Learn more about cataracts and the treatment options we offer.

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Glaucoma is the number one cause of preventable blindness in the US. Our vision correction specialists are skilled in early detection. Our team of experts and provide excellent options for treatment to prevent or correct issues that may affect your vision.

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A retinal evaluation requires a thorough examination of the dilated eye and often requires getting images of the retina using multiple imaging types. The medical and surgical procedures performed by retina specialists are extremely delicate and range from in-office injections to highly technical surgeries conducted in the operating room

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General Eye Care

We can take good vision for granted – until something goes wrong. Your eyesight is just like your body – you will experience changes as you age. The vision you are born with is not the same vision you have at 16, 35, or 50. Our expert doctors have helped thousands to maintain proper eye health.

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