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Premium eye care is now conveniently available in Laguna Hills. Atlantis Eyecare uses leading edge equipment and the latest advanced procedures to obtain outstanding results for our patients. We have eight locations throughout Southern California, giving you easy access to our team of expert technicians eye doctors in Laguna Hills.

Our specialties, range from outstanding routine eye care to the most comprehensive cataract surgery Laguna Hills has to offer. The expert eye care team at Atlantis Eyecare recognizes the value of team collaboration when dealing with vision issues. This centralized approach saves time, resources and provides patients with a single cohesive team working to resolve their particular vision problems. Our patients arrive at our clinics knowing that all of our services are available at the clinic eliminating the need to travel between locations.

For residents of Laguna Hills, Atlantis Eyecare provides all of your vision care needs. Our team comprises of among the best eye doctors Laguna Hills has available.

Atlantis Eyecare – An Overview

Total eye care from leading physicians

At Atlantis Eyecare, we provide leading edge medical care from world class doctors. The other side of our practice is the expert administrative staff and the technicians who support our doctors to provide our patients with excellent care. For example, we have implemented a digital health records system which facilitates seamless collaboration between our doctors, and the other members of our team. This approach has proven to provide stellar care both medically and clerically.

Leading doctors in eye care specialties

Our team of ophthalmologists and optometrists in Laguna Hills has many different specialties. Each eye doctor is respected by their peers for advancing the quality of vision care that we enjoy today. Our physicians are national speakers who regularly publish written works on their specialty, thus contributing greatly to the field of eye care. When not providing excellent care to patients, our doctors work tirelessly to advance the technology in their field. This passion for excellence naturally flows to the quality of patient care and an uncompromising focus on results.

Over 100,000 procedures delivered

If you are looking to find the most experienced eye care group to perform LASIK or cataract surgery in Laguna Hills, look no further. The combined experience of the doctors and technicians at Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills would be very difficult to exceed. Their extensive background contributes to outstanding results for the thousands of people who have had their vision restored to levels not experienced for many years.

Advanced technology and precise surgical techniques

The physicians at Atlantis pride themselves at staying completely current on all of the leading edge procedures in eye care technology. The procedures they deliver have decades of eye care research validating long term success results. They are experts in highly developed cataract surgery and other leading edge vision correction techniques. Our physicians provide the best eye care available for Laguna Hills residents.

Friendly, attentive and experienced

Our administrative staff is an important part of our professional team. They understand the expectations that our patients expect of a top level eye clinic. They will happily handle any concern you may have from scheduling to helping you understand insurance coverage. Along with our physicians, they will ensure you enjoy your experience at Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills knowing that patient satisfaction is our highest priority.

Eight convenient locations

With offices all over the Southern California area, we have positioned ourselves for accessibility. Wherever your location, there is likely an Atlantis Eyecare Center close by with a team of top eye doctors to help you.

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