Total Elimination of Cataracts

Come to the Leading Cataract Surgeons

Our doctors are highly skilled, eliminating your cataracts to restore clear vision.

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Are You Getting the Best Care Possible?

The Best in Modern Day Eye Care Technology

Eye care technology is always improving. Our experts offer the latest technological advancements and options.

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See with Clarity, Look Stylish

Come to the Leading Eye Care Specialists

We have an extensive selection of frames to choose from, giving you a shopping experience that is fun and interesting.

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The Choice is Clear: Laguna Hill’s Leading Eyecare Center

If you’re looking for premium eye care, you’ve found it. The optometrists and ophthalmologists at Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills have performed thousands of eye care procedures including cataract surgery, laser eye surgery and vision correction. Our fully accredited, leading edge facility is staffed with friendly staff and competent, experienced doctors and surgeons. With Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills, you will receive precise LASIK, the latest techniques in cataract surgery and outstanding vision correction.

Cataract Center

Our Laguna Hills Cataract Center provides world class cataract surgeons to perform this precise procedure, which can safely restore clear eyesight.

Retina Center

The retina is very important to proper eye function. Our expert doctors are highly experienced in the treatment of retina related conditions.

General Eye Care

Eye care technology is constantly improving. We offer all the latest advancements and options for individuals faced with decreasing vision.

Cataract Surgery Laguna Hills, Atlantis Eyecare

Leading Cataract Surgeons

At Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills, our goal is to improve vision to the best possible degree. Cataracts can easily be removed with the latest techniques. Our cataract surgeons have performed thousands of effective cataract surgeries. Using a technology called refractive lens exchange, we ensure your vision is clearer than ever after surgery.

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Cataract Surgeon Laguna Hills

Glaucoma Treatment

Glaucoma is a term that is used when referring to a number of diseases that can damage the optic nerve. When pressure builds up in the eye, the nerve can become affected and cause permanent harm to a person’s vision. While in its early stages, there is the possibility that Glaucoma will not show any symptoms and so it is vital to receive routine eye exams for early detection and rapid treatment.

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Cataract Surgery Laguna Hills

Top Eye Doctors

Our specialists consistently contribute to their respective fields by public speaking, publishing their findings after using advanced procedures, and staying committed to always improving eye care. At Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills our goal was to assemble an outstanding team of dedicated eye care specialists and we have done just that.

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A Higher Standard of Care

Our priority is to ensure that your comfort and quality of care are second to none. When you step into our facility, you will feel welcome and know that you have come to the right place. Further, the facility itself is at the leading edge of eye care technology, housing all necessary components to deliver world class care. At Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills your individual eye care begins with a consultation to ensure all treatment fits your unique needs.

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Cataract Surgery

With 20.5 million Americans age 40 and over developing cataracts, we understand the increasing demand for treatment. Our skilled cataract surgeons consist of some of the most experienced and highly trained experts in the state. They are familiar with every advancement made in cataract surgery and deliver unparalleled results. At Atlantis Eyecare Laguna Hills, you can be sure you will receive some of the best cataract surgery in Laguna Hills.

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Refractive Lens Specialists

Our team cataract surgeons are proficient in intraocular lens implantation, also known as refractive lens exchange. This procedure immediately follows the removal of a cataract to replace the cloudy natural lens with a clear lens. Cataract surgery is now quick and painless with little or no downtime. Your vision will be improved significantly with premium intraocular lenses. There are several different types to choose from. Click below to learn more.

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Insurance & Financing

Most health insurance plans provide coverage for cataract surgery. Our insurance experts will work with you and your insurance provider to draw the maximum benefits from your plan. If we are not listed as a preferred provider on your insurance plan, we can still help sort out your coverage to help you get the care you need. Once you provide us with your insurance information, we can do the rest.

We can help get you approved for financing through CareCredit if your insurance policy does not provide coverage for the procedure you need. They offer an array of financing options to choose from. Our staff will help you get approved and determine which plan is right for you.

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Care Credit

Why Choose Atlantis Eyecare?

  • All-inclusive eye care facility with multispecialty doctors
  • Top doctors in each eye care specialty
  • Over 100,000 procedures delivered
  • Leading technology with advanced surgical developments
  • Friendly, caring and experienced
  • Convenient Laguna Hills location along with seven other offices in the Orange County area

What Our Patients Say

I want to express to you how pleased I am with your care for me in the cataract surgery on my right eye. The results far exceed my expectations. My sight has been restored and that improves my enjoyment of my life. Thank you!

Elizabeth R.

Thank you for doing cataract surgery as well as eyelid surgery. You have a great bedside manner that is so refreshing from all other medical people (doctors) that I have encountered. You were kind courteous and efficient.

Barbara W.

Think I've died and gone to heaven each time I continue to reach for my glasses which went out with the garbage right away.

Ann B.

I wish to thank you most profoundly for your professional and sensitive treatment of my eye problems during 2-years of our association. My sight now is excellent. It is, thanks to you, the greatest gift I could possibly receive.

Betty B.